Market Data – Needs Analysis

You want to open up the Brazilian market but can not assess the market situation in your sectors?

Reliable information is critical to market entry and market development. Whether you want to re-open the market or to optimize your local activities – we provide you with the necessary data and information for decision-making process. These include classic market analyzes and market studies as well as sector-specific information or analyzes of strategic groups. And the best – all this at an excellent price-performance ratio.

An excerpt:

  • Industrial analyzes and prognoses
  • Current competitive situation
  • Alternative customer landscapes
  • Location of industrial centers
  • Development of specific questionnaires
  • Optimization or further development of existing organizational structures
  • Recommendations about local sites
  • Evaluation

You need ad hoc information from the market

On request and in coordination we also carry out market surveys. We handle both B2B and B2C areas. Our network is reliable and up to date – just like our market data.

Market Data – Needs Analysis