Sales and Distribution Systems

You already have a reliable partner in Brazil and now you want to expand your activities?

Very often companies start their activities in the Sao Paulo area, near their first big customer. Soon, the question arises of how other districts, the interior and later other regions of the country can be economically operated. The distances are very large, the traffic very cumbersome and time-consuming – high transaction costs are the consequence and a noticeable sinking interest of the representative or the own local structure outside really to become active. A methodical distribution as usual with us, so often falls by the wayside.

You do not want to endanger existing structures?

You already have existing functional structures and are satisfied – but you see and much bigger potential in the market. Of course, the existing advantage should not be endangered. Which questions arise?

  • How could my existing structure be supplemented with a new decentralized sales department?
  • How could my existing structure be replaced with a even better one (improved personal attitude, better market access, deeper customer understanding, better sector access or better skilled employees, etc.)
  • How can I complement my existing representative / salesman with a functional service and/or maintainance unit? How this can be done successfully?
  • How can I expand our existing activites to other federal states and locations? Where we may find the biggest potential?

We support you with our market experience in

  • Searching for those additional representatives which ideally complement your existing structure locally
  • Building the new distribution system in Braszil’s industrial key regions
  • Designing, building, coordinating and evaluating of your new organizational structures

Taking care what should be done !

Even if you are used being in Brazil regularly, you can not be there all the time. We are happy to assist you in your coordination effort by regular communication to your Braszilian contacts – especially at your site in Brazil and according to your requests.

Sales and Distribution Systems