Funding, Sourcing, M&A

Having your own company in Brazil ensures maximum flexibility in the procedure and financial arrangement of your offer. However, to establish one’s own business is a complex process that binds substantial resources and requires significant experience.

A very good alternative to start your own business may be the purchase of a company that is already established on the market. Existing locations, an active customer base, a possibly established brand and possibly trained employees can make it much easier to get started.

We support your project by actively supporting the takeover process, from the beginning of the search to the successful takeover.

You need supporting information, e.g. Competition or market information?
We provide you with relevant market data and comparative analyzes. What is your market position after the purchase? What would the takeover of the target company by the competition mean?

Are you looking for partners for a reliable due diligence?
Our partners are specialists for the Brazilian area. We give you information and contacts.

What funding opportunities do I have for my project? Is there government support and if so under what conditions and for whom?
Often, operational projects in Brazil fail because of the financial resources. When and for whom is state funding available? Is my project suitable? Where can I get cheap financing? Are there any financings outside the banking sector? Through our activities we know various ways of financing and their framework conditions.

Funding, Sourcing, M&A