Translation Services

Translating means helping to understand

Translation services and intercultural counseling must not be underestimated. Regardless of whether it deals with the correct operation of a machine, the mediation of conflicts between local employees/local management and German executives, the initial meeting with the new representative, the political climate of a business delegation or the preparation of a consignment of expats. What matters is the right understanding – in particular between the lines and outside the protocol.

The hidden part is very often crucial for success and ultimately for competitiveness.

The whole variety of translations

We focus on the language combinations German – Portuguese (Brazilian) – English. Our offer to you:

  • Technical translations (eg manuals, online help, manuals, etc.)
  • Video subtitles
  • Legal translations (contracts, annual reports, balance sheets, etc.)

For legal purpuses, we are registered in Germany and Brazil.

In addition, we offer consulary services.


Interpreting means transferring knowledge – but that’s not all. Emotions, attitudes, impressions are just as important parts as intercultural differences help to gap the bridge – to translate what is really meant!

  • Delegation accompanying
  • Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • Organization and implementation of business travel


Intercultural training

In cooperation with our partners, we offer intercultural trainings. These trainings gives you necessary knowledge but also essential skills as well in training and learning.

Language training

Do you need your own knowledge in the Brazilian language? No problem – we provide you and your employees with exactly the skills they need – at their level and for their requirements.

We are specialist in Translation Services. Talk to us !





Translation Services