Distributors – Representatives

Are you looking for a new reliable dealer or representative in Brazil?

Brazil is a big and, above all, complex economic area. Without a local partner, a successful approach is very questionable – sometimes even impossible.

We have an excellent market knowledge, perfect access to the market and a very extensive contact base. Our three-phase method usually reliably gives you several options to choose from. Your personal preferences and selection criteria will of course be taken into account in the pre-selection. Examination and qualification are as much a part of our method as the personal conversation with the interested parties. This gives you a „handpicked“ selection of eligible partners.

We support you

  • Market studies and market information
  • Definiting reliable selection criterias
  • Direct contact making to decision makers
  • Intercultural communication and negotiation support
  • Mediation in critical situations

You already have a partner and do not want to jeopardize your existing relation?

A very important issue for many companies already active in Brazil. We support them to stimulate this friendship in encouraging new common activites to improve actual commercial situation. Depending on the initial situation, different approaches can be applied – some of them leading to a quick and significant improvement in results.

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Distributors – Representatives