Starting Business

Wanna start your own business in Brazil?

Establishing your own business in a country gives you maximum control over yout local activitites and the overseas market – a good reason to found your own subsidiary. But how to succeed in a complex process like in Brazil?

We support you in founding your company from the beginning of paperwork til handling over of the keys of your new production facility. We setup your business in Brazil for you – regardless of whether it is a sales brnach, service company or production subsidiary. We offer you a relaxing start. You can concentrate essetnialy on the most important thing – your business.

You can expect advise in the complete procedur. Here some examples:

  • Identifying and providing essential documents 
  • Gathering informationen and paperwork, icl.
  • Coordination and mediation of the founding procedure
  • Translation and authentication of necessary documents

We advise you in all procedure, we know the processe and the pitfalls. We offer you a relaxed start, you can concentrate on the essentials – your business.

Are you looking for an interim manager or CEO for the initial phase?

No problem – we can do interim management for you during the foundation process and also in the first phase of the company in Brazil.


Starting Business