Official contact and cooperation fair in Recife and individual company visits in Rio de Janeiro (24.02.-02.03.2013)



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Organized by BW-International  (Read more and/or apply)

The North-Eastern part of Brazil is by far the fastest growing business area in the country. Cities like Recife, Joao Pessoa and Fortaleza are facing an so called industrial spring in industries of energy, construction & building, textile and tourism.

Besides touristic flavour and the vision of the two megaevents „Copa del Mundo 2014“ and „Olympic Games 2016“, Rio de Janeiro is the industrial base to some of the largest companies in Brazil, like Vale and Petrobras – a very good idea to participate this excellent event and gain actual market information.

Applications can be done til 14.12.2012 – so hurry up!
(Read more and/or apply)

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