Brazil could overtake Italy economically



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According to an announcement of the IBGE, the Brazilian statistical authority, on march 4th, the GDP increased 7,5% in 2010. This is the biggest economic growth in one year since 1985. Brasil could outperform Italy and take the seventh place in the ranking of the world biggest economies. The actual Italian figures are expected at the beginning of April.

This figures also lead to some preoccupation about inflationary tendencies and are seen as effects of economical overheating. With a massive control of the monetary policies, the Brazilian Central Bank achieved already results to reduce this thread, gaining smaller growth rates in the Q4/2010, and a continuing decrease in 2011. Actual figures expect an economic growth target of about 4% for Q1/2011. It is expected, that this will reduce inflation danger – measured recently up to 6,7% – substantially.

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