About Us

We are specialists in international market development and support services in BRAZIL and parts of Mercosur. Our focus is on business development in technology products and innovative solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in the Brazilian economic area, we advise medium-sized companies in Brazil and Germany, who want to operate in the other economic area. From basic considerations to goals and target systems, to the structuring of their strategies, to the operational implementation of the measures - we support them in the entire development value chain. In this respect, other countries and markets, e.g. in Asia and Africa may play a significant role, especially in which Brazilian activities take place.


We work in a holistic, structured and systematic way in the market according to our self-developed method. Our analyzes are based on a deep understanding of the market, current market data and our detailed analyzes. We love a change of


If you are able to ask good questions, you have the key to good answers. This does not mean that we exchange niceties. Criticism and openness are as much a part of our approach as respect and intercultural competence. Trust

Results oriented

Achieving our clients objectives is our top priority. Our mission – your success. We do not have any personal liabilities in the target countries – but, we have a reliable network, two locations and good employees who share our values.

We believe in Hard work and We work Hard for User Satisfaction. Our Motto

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