Helaaf! É carnaval!



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It’s carnival! If you still don’t get the spirit, better not go to Berlin. Here’s the proof with this add from the town’s public transportation company BVG:

„Helaaf! It’s carnival! And here is the train with the people who care about it in Berlin.“

Quelle: Eigene Fotographie, Berlin 2017

Eine Antwort auf „Helaaf! É carnaval!“

  1. Another rather colourful and happy perspective shows Brasil with its recent Carnival Show Groups in Rio de Janeiro. (https://www.nzz.ch/panorama/bildstrecken/bildstrecke/karneval-brasilien-1.18690886#lg=1&slide=4).

    But not only Rio de Janeiro shows the contemporary carnival mentality. Enthusiastic party feeling takes place also in other cities – like here in Salvador de Bahia. We may find a very loud and happy carnival show, with colourful wagons, „trieletricos“ and the famous „Filhos de Gandhi“(https://www.nzz.ch/gesellschaft/reise/karneval-salvador-de-bahia-stadt-ld.143255) – rather then the somehow depressing honk sounds yesterday heart in Stuttgart.

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