Design of new port area of Rio de Janeiro



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As already announced on the German-Brazilian-Economic Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, 2011, the local authorities has decided to redesign the prot area and to demolish the port highway „Perimetrial“ – it will disappear in near future, the reconstruction is already going.

The following video of O Globo (Redesign Perimetral) gives a vision of the new port area and the surprising possibilities for urban life. Worthwile looking !

In particular, a very inconspicuous detail in this video is very cool – a new city train, metro, up-way (call it as you like). In former times the old (no, very old!) „bondinha“ in Santa Teresa was used from citizens and tourists as well . Since some years it became closed due to an accident, this new idea seems to be a real innovation in the public transport concept.

A more detailed view on the present situation and on some details concerning the activities can be viewed here (Construction details).

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