Brasil economic power overtakes Great Britain



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As one ot he most powerful in the emerging markets, Brasils economic growth gain a new dimension. According to the „Center for Economics and Business Research“, recent developments shoot Brasil to rank five in the list of the worlds most powerful economics and replaces Great Britain in actual times. If the actual growth speed keeps the pace, the next target – France – could be achieved in 2015 as the IWF stated recently. As the Brazilian Ministery of Finance. Sr. Montega  believes, this could happen even earlier. Evidently this does not represent the same level of individual income and therefore consequently lower purchasing power and life standard. Brazil is going to need more 15 to 20 yrs to gain the same standards as in Europe, cf to Sr. Mantega.

In 2011, the Brazilian economy will reduce growth from 7.5% (in 2010)  to expected 3.0%. New prognostics state an increased growth In 2012 up to 4 to 5%.   >>> Read More

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